The Journal of the Math3ma Institute

The Journal of the Math3ma Institute is a new scientific periodical that aims to reach wide audiences by publishing expository articles on original research across all STEM disciplines. Our first issue was released in spring 2022.

Why focus on exposition? It is standard practice to disseminate work through scholarly writing, where specialized language and expertise are needed to grasp those ideas. This allows experts to communicate their research efficiently and effectively (most of the time.) But there are also some drawbacks. In particular, there is the reality that new discoveries are often buried beneath a dense layer of "academies" and lofty jargon, which serves to exclude the wider public from accessing and engaging with the ideas. As a result, it is often assumed that certain aspects of God's creation belong to an elite few who are elevated in the public's eye. This, in turn, misplaces the honor, robbing the Lord of the glory that belongs fully and only to Him.

The Math3ma Journal was established in response to this. We seek to publish articles that exposit original research in STEM for ambitious lay people with interests in these fields of study. By actively working to remove the barriers that weigh down traditional academic writing, our prayer is that wider audiences will be able to see more clearly the ways in which God has brilliantly put His glory in display in creation, thus providing an opportunity for worship in the hearts of both the researcher and the reader.

We are currently looking for authors who are passionate about their work and wish to make the excitement of their field accessible to a broad audience. Interested in learning more? Contact us.

Prospective Authors

Interested in contributing an article? Since the Math3ma journal is not a traditional journal and is still in early stages, our current submission process differs from most academic journals.  In particular, our editors are committed to putting in considerable time and effort to work with authors to achieve high quality exposition that is accessible to our unique target audience.

For more information about the submission process, please read our Author Guidelines.

Author Guidelines
ISSN 2771-4373 (online) • ISSN 2771-4365 (print) • DOI: 10.55409/math3ma
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Spring 2023

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"Shout joyful praises to god, all the earth! Sing about the glory of His name!
tell the world how glorious He is."
Psalm 66:1–2 (NLT)