The Queen of the Sciences
Abner Chou, PhD
The Master's University and Seminary
The Queen of the Sciences: Reclaiming the Rightful Place of Theology and Creation
Spring 2022, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 3–33
Historically, theology was viewed as the queen of the sciences. But in recent days this has fallen out of favor, especially due to the unpopularity of the doctrine of creation. Instead, science is viewed as its own autonomous foundation. This article surveys through the issues surrounding creation and argues that a realism of biblical authority and revelation establishes theology and creation as a necessary framework for science. It also will contend that the interpretation of Genesis 1–3 is clear and clearly historical as well as that the doctrine of creation is inextricably linked with the totality of Christian theology. Even more, it will survey God’s plan of redemption and illustrate that creation is the basis and driver of God’s redemptive work. Creation holds the answers to the toughest questions people have about this world and evil. With that, by virtue of divine authority, theology is the queen of the sciences, and within this, the doctrine of creation helps to restore the true value and beauty of science. Therefore, it should be the starting point of the sciences.