A hub for research and outreach in the sciences at The Master's University

In contrast to what may first come to mind, the Math3ma Institute is not primarily a center for apologetics or research on the topics of origins, per se. This Institute is broader in scope. We recognize that scientific research involves discovery of and investigation into God's creation, and that includes work in biology, chemistry, genetics, physics, mathematics, computer science, data science, engineering, and so much more. The Lord has also called a number of those who belong to Him to pursue vocations in these fields — whether as a graduate students, professors, research scientists, software engineers, medical professionals, data scientists, and many more — at universities, research institutes, tech companies, national labs, and other institutions around the globe.

We also recognize that these faithful Christians who are following their Lord's call to engage in the sciences are driven by hearts of worship and a desire to see Him exalted. Indeed, what a thrill it is to uncover a new theorem, solve a puzzle in protein folding, or see emergent phenomena arise from seemingly unstructured data. The Lord has truly put His glory on display in His creation!

The Math3ma Institute seeks to provide a home for such work and to amplify it in a way that magnifies the Lord Jesus Christ. Our beginnings are small and include a few outreach endeavors including a and symposium.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, Biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide. As faculty at the University, we firmly hold to the sufficiency, inerrancy, and authority of Scripture in our uncompromising commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and to Scripture as we strive to accomplish this mission. This Biblical worldview permeates every aspect of our lives, including our work as academic researchers.

In particular, we cling to the Biblical truth that in Christ all things were created (Colossians 1:17), that He upholds all things by the word of His power  and that any endeavor to explore the wonders of creation finds its deepest and richest fulfillment in the acknowledgment of God as Creator We also recognize that these truths are largely unpopular today and often shut the door to intellectual discourse, collaboration, and new discoveries within academic circles. The result is then akin to countless scientific and mathematical breakthroughs waiting to be discovered at the end of a corridor whose door has heretofore been closed.

In light of this, the mission of the Math3ma Institute is to reclaim the glory of God in Christ by acknowledging His supremacy and preeminence as Creator, and in doing so to help students grow closer to the Lord by seeing more clearly His glory, His majesty, and His genius in creation. As we explore the scientific and mathematical landscapes, our love and admiration for Christ and our sense of wonder and amazement at His handiwork motivates our day-to-day research. This then drives our desire to share the complexities of our work with wide audiences with simplicity and clarity — we find great joy in discussing the beauty, order, precision, and sheer brilliance of the Creator. In short, we are here to esteem the voice of Christ.

So, the door is now open.

Welcome to the Math3ma Institute.

"Let them praise the name of Yahweh, for His name alone is set on high.
His splendor is above earth and heaven."
Psalm 148:13 (LSB)