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Math3ma Symposium

May 31 - June 1, 2024

Graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and professionals in the sciences throughout academia, industry, and government are invited to join us for a time of fellowship and encouragement as they pursue fidelity to Christ and Scripture in their scientific vocations.

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The Journal of The Math3ma Institute is a new scientific periodical that aims to reach wide audiences by publishing expository articles on original research across all STEM disciplines. Our first issue was released in spring 2022.

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Who We Are

Tai-Danae Bradley

Co-founder, Executive director

Monica Vroman

Co-founder, Assistant director

Steven Inabnit

Creative Director

James Street

media specialist


that which is learned, a lesson

The Math3ma Institute is an extension of the mathematics blog, established in 2015. The word "math3ma" is a twist on the Greek word mathema (μάθημα) which means "a lesson" — something learned.

It relates to both mathematics and mathetes (learner, pupil), a Greek word in the New Testament that refers to disciplines or followers of Jesus.

Math3ma represents the overlap of the two. It reminds us of those who are committed to following the Lord Jesus Christ as they learn about and engage with His creation in the sciences and mathematics.