An Encouragement to Christians in the Sciences

Being a scientist can be lonely. For most people, it is easy to appreciate the beauty of a masterful painting or the skillful twists and turns of a good story. I admire and appreciate the work and expressions of talented right-brained writers, artists, and filmmakers. In my experience, scientists are a little harder to relate to. Maybe it's because of our... still maturing social skills. Maybe because our humor is an acquired taste. Maybe it's because, as I'm often told, we're intimidating. We study subjects that most people perceive as inaccessible and too difficult to grasp. Our work requires math and math is hard to understand, therefore we are hard to understand.

Science: A Discipline That Magnifies to God "How Great Thou Art"

In today’s society, science is sometimes viewed with skepticism because of its uses and abuses. But when approached rightly through the lens of Scripture, the sciences — and related fields including mathematics, engineering, and technology — can be a beautiful endeavor that greatly honors the Lord Jesus Christ. It plumbs the depths of what He has done in His created universe, and in doing so inclines our hearts to overflow with worship as we say back to God, “How great Thou art”!

Notes + Videos: Math3ma Symposium 2023

This past summer we hosted the inaugural Math3ma Symposium at The Master’s University. This article shares brief descriptions of our four keynote sessions along with links to the full recordings.

Math3ma Journal: Issue 2 Release

Today we are delighted to release the second issue of The Journal of The Math3ma Institute. It is now freely available at our website, and hard copies are available for purchase through The Master’s University’s online bookstore.

Glorifying God through Science: “Consider the Lilies”

In partnership with the Math3ma Institute, Joey Kim (Assistant Professor of Physical Science and Engineering at TMU) recently led an undergraduate research project in a study of flowers.. The following is a summary of the eight-week program written by one of the students.

Fall 2022 Updates

This article lists a few updates from the Institute during the fall semester, including a public lecture series, student research opportunities, and updates on the Math3ma journal.

Announcing the Journal of the Math3ma Institute

Today, we are delighted to launch The Journal of The Math3ma Institute, a new home for expository articles on research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) written for the ambitious layperson with interests in these fields of study. A digital edition of our first issue is now freely available.

Welcome to The Math3ma Institute

Welcome to The Math3ma Institute, a new home for research and outreach in the sciences at The Master's University.